Exercise can be simple - add this 10 minute power-packed routine to your regular workout three times a week to burn more than 100 calories each session. The workout is a mix of slow strength moves and explosive plyometric exercises combining swift motions and jumps to give your metabolism an instant kick whilst building muscle and burning fat in the long term.


Single Leg Squat (2-3min)

Single Leg Squat

  • Lift right leg off floor, bending knee 90°, and place hands on hips
  • Bend left knee, lowering into a squat
  • Hold for 1 count, straighten leg, then repeat
  • Do 1 minute per leg
Crunch Ball Toss (2-4min)

Crunch Ball Toss

  • Lie on back holding a medicine ball (a football will do) with both hands at chest level, knees bent
  • Crunch up and toss the ball a few inches above you; freeze in that position until the ball falls back into your hands
  • Slowly return to the start and repeat
Single-Arm Diagonal Clean & Press (4-6min)

Single-Arm Diagonal Clean & Press

  • Holding a 5lb dumbbell, in right hand, bend knees 90° and lower weight toward left foot
  • With an explosive lift, stand and swing the weight up to your right shoulder
  • Extend arm overheard; return weight to shoulder
  • Repeat 10 times on each side
Explosive Jumb (6-8min)

Explosive Jumb

  • Stand with knees bent 90°
  • With arms by sides, bend elbows, bringing fists just below chest
  • Keep abs and glutes tight and jump as high as you can
  • Land with knees slightly bent
  • Return to start
  • Do 12 times; rest for 30 seconds and repeat
Metabolic Bike(8-10min)

Metabolic Bike

  • Lie on back with knees bent, feet on floor
  • Place hands lightly behind head
  • Raise upper body and extend legs about 12 inches off floor
  • Bring left elbow and right knee towards each other
  • Continue, alternating sides