• Be patient

    The results will come; they just take a little time. Take time to think about how long it has taken for your body to get into the condition it was in, prior to you beginning this program.

  • Keep it varied and make it enjoyable

    Prevent your body from becoming adapted to your current workout regime. The first four weeks of a fitness program should be designed to gradually build up your fitness level and also healthy lean muscle tissue.

  • Choose an activity that suits your personality

    If you prefer company then go to a gym class, join a running club or take up a team sport. If you feel happier exercising on your own why not try using an exercise DVD at home or going out for walks. 

  • Keep it achievable

    As with all exercise, make sure you work within your limits. Remember that you do not have to do the entire workout. If you feel tired, rest, then carry on when you are ready. 

  • Aim to simply increase your workout expenditure

    If you feel tired then have a day's rest, you know your body better than anyone else, listen to it, and aim to help it. 

  • Have a back-up plan

    Having a fallback option makes you significantly more likely to fit exercise into your day. So make sure you have a few exercise DVDs at home for when you cannot manage anything outside and that you keep a comfortable pair of walking shoes at work so you can grab the opportunity to stretch your legs during the day. 

  • Add it to your lifestyle

    For total body conditioning, remember to combine your exercise regime with a healthy diet. Work your exercise into your daily routine, for instance, turn your housework into a work out or walk to the local shop instead of taking the car.