Sugar lovers vs supersize eaters
XLS Medical Appetite Reducer can help you to moderate snacking between meals and reduce the size of your portions at mealtimes a little. In brief, there are 2 main groups. On the one hand there are sugar lovers, and on the other hand big eaters and supersize eaters.
  • Sugar lovers
    You often want to eat sugary foods. You feel that your meal is not complete if it does not end with dessert. Even between meals you tend to crave sweets or cakes. We also include here people who eat salty snacks between meals.

    Some advice for sugar lovers: 

    • Beware confectionary and other sweets. You can quickly become addicted, a bit like a smoker who cannot go without his cigarette.
    • Just like for smokers, there is only one thing to do... STOP! Try to keep yourself to a programme with no sweets or sugary foods for 2 weeks. After these 2 weeks you will see that this irresistible desire to eat sugar will have disappeared.
    • Opt for healthy desserts or snacks, such as fruit yoghurt or fresh fruit. Eating a sweet or biscuit from time to time is not banned
    • Never skip a meal. Because if you do this, you'll feel faint after a while which will result in you quickly turning to unhealthy snacking.
    • Between meals, brush your teeth or chew sugar-free mint pastilles or chewing gum. The taste of mint also helps reduce the craving for sugar.
  • Big eaters:
    The feeling of fullness is not really something you experience. If it were up to you, you would eat all day long. Your portions are large compared to others’ and you can’t manage to reduce them. We are therefore going to have to take a slow approach to reducing the volume. Limiting the volume drastically will give a constant feeling of hunger and will ultimately often result in snacking. This is not the aim.

    Some advice for big eaters:

    • Before your meal, drink two large glasses of water, possibly with 3 tablets of XLS Medical Appetite Reducer
    • Start the meal with a large bowl of soup or a portion of raw vegetables.
    • A few delicious leaves of lettuce between your slices of bread or to accompany the meals will help give volume to your meal with few calories.
    • Reduce the bread you have with your meals by 1 slice. To continue to lose weight, reduce by another slice… until you reach a healthy quantity.
    • Never skip a meal, eat a healthy snack between 2 meals and start the day with a healthy breakfast!
    • Eat more slowly. Many large eaters eat very quickly. Chew each mouthful at least 10 to 15 times, swallow, breathe in then breathe out, and only then take the next mouthful. You will see that you become full more quickly.
    • Remove the slices of bread you plan to eat from the bag. Don’t put the bag on the table. Similarly, peel just enough potatoes so there are none left over. Then you won’t be tempted to eat them! Do the same thing regarding the quantity of meat, etc.
    • Make your table as attractive as possible, offering healthy choices: if you have leftover vegetables or fruits, put them on the table. Then you will quickly start eating healthily without feeling like you're on a diet.
    • Give your stomach time to understand that it is full. Stop eating after a normal portion, clear the table or go and clean your teeth. It helps!
    • Ensure that vegetables are the ingredient which gives volume to the meal. They offer fewer calories than potatoes or meat, for example. So half a plate of vegetables, 1 portion of meat/fish/substitution product, and ¼ plate of rice/pasta/potatoes/bread.


DON'T! kcal DO! kcal
Cola (glass) 100 Still/sparkling mineral water 0
Lemonade (glass) 95 Diet fizzy drink 0-2
Beer (Pils) 110 Coffee 0
Red wine (glass) 80 Tea 0
White wine (glass) 100 Vegetable soup (1 small bowl)
Tomato juice
Apple tart, 1 portion, 95g 276 Raw vegetables (cauliflower, cucumber, radish, lettuce, tomato, etc.), 50 g 10
Fruit tart, 1 portion, 102g 270 1 portion of fresh fruit: (apple, kiwi, mandarin, melon, pear, plum, grapefruit, orange, ...) 50
Cake, 1 slice, 25g 110    
Frisco, 85g 184    
Raisin bread, 1 slice, 25g 65 Wholegrain bread, 1 small slice, 20g 50