Eating out can entail an increase to your waistline, particularly when it happens often. The following advice can enable you to limit the damage.

General advice:
  • Don’t go on an empty stomach!
    Otherwise you risk eating peanuts, bread, crisps, etc. more quickly and in greater quantity. Before leaving, drink a cup of soup or eat a light salad.
  • Tomato juice, a glass of champagne, a glass of sparkling wine or a glass of wine are the best alternatives to an aperitif such as port, kir, fruit juice based drinks, cocktails and other sugary drinks.
  • Ask for sauces always to be served separately. You will eat less!
  • Try to stick to one course. If you want more, choose vegetables.
  • As far as possible choose only a main course, and possibly a soup or salad to start.  A cup of coffee to end the meal is just as enjoyable!  Beware desserts rich in calories!
What are the best choices in restaurants?
  • Starter:
    • Choose a fish dish.  Seafood, smoked salmon, tomato filled with shrimps (without too much mayonnaise!), a small prawn salad, etc.
    • Avoid fatty products such as prawn croquettes, pâté, foie gras and creamy dishes.
    • A light salad is ideal to start a meal healthily!  Beware calorific salads (e.g. with goats cheese and bacon).
    • You can have soup, but preferably a clear soup rather than a creamy one.  Don’t eat too much bread with it.
    • Melon with ham is also a very good choice. If you remove the rind of the ham, it is even better. You also get a portion of fruit for this!
  • Main course:
    • Choose a preparation method that uses little fat, e.g.: steamed, grilled, poached.
    • Be aware when eating sauces, browned butter, fried food, cream, cheese sauces, gratins, breaded dishes, mince-based meals, puff pastry and shortcrust pastry that these often have a high calorie content.
    • Opt for fish, poultry or game.
    • Ask for sauce to be served on the side.
    • Order extra vegetables with your main course: a green salad or diced mixed vegetables. Ask even if they don’t appear on the menu!
    • Ask if you can have plain boiled potatoes or bread; if not, eat croquettes and chips in moderation
  • Dessert:
    • Ideally, try not to have dessert. You could order a coffee instead and enjoy the biscuit that it is served with.
    • Opt for a fruit-based dessert.
    • You could order a sorbet. Sorbet does, of course, contain sugar, but no fat, unlike other desserts such as ice cream, chocolate mousse, crème brûlée, tiramisu, crêpes, etc.
    • Ask for your dessert to be served without cream.
    • Drink tea or coffee without cream and sugar.
    • Fans of Irish coffee: order a small coffee with a whisky!
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