Summary for healthy daily fat consumption:
Limit fat consumption. 1 tablespoon per person when preparing the main meal and a scraping of vegetable spread on bread is sufficient.
Opt for healthy vegetable fats such as vegetable oil or margarine and spread
Eat fish twice a week; oily fish once a week (salmon, herring, tuna and sardines) and low-fat fish once a week (sea bass, halibut, trout, cod, skate, flounder, haddock, plaice, pike, perch, turbot, sole, hake).
Choose low-fat dairy products (low-fat yoghurt, milk, cheese, etc.).
Be creative in the kitchen and prepare food in ways which do not require lots of fat.
Limit consumption of hidden fats by restricting biscuits, crisps, ready meals, chocolate, sauces, etc.
Eat vegetarian food once a week. You will then ingest less saturated animal fat.