I’m in a rush so I’m going to order...

When you are in a hurry, making the right choices  a good way to control the damage!
  • Sandwiches: go for a wholemeal bread roll with a healthy filling such as ham, chicken breast, cheese spread, roast beef or smoked fish. Ask for a generous serving of vegetables and for little or no sauce. Cocktail sauce or ketchup is better than mayonnaise.
  • Kebabs: choose a small or durum wheat kebab. Try to order a chicken or vegetable kebab. As above: heavy on the veg, easy on the sauce!
  • Pizza: go for a thin base. Be careful when selecting your toppings. Mushrooms and tuna is better than four-cheese pizza!
  • Pasta: opt for vegetable-based sauces. Avoid too much cheese! Pasta dishes are high in carbohydrates.
  • Chinese: always order a vegetable dish with bean sprouts and fish or chicken. Limit your rice intake although you can enjoy a little curry sauce. However, you’re better off avoiding fried spring rolls as they are high in fat. 
  • Thai: eat coconut milk-based sauces sparingly as they are just as fatty as ordinary cream sauces. Thai cuisine includes succulent stir-fried dishes and tasty light soups!
  • Burgers: order a small meal. A hamburger without much added, a small portion of chips with ketchup and a refreshing diet drink or water. You could also order a salad to bulk up your meal. Take care though, it’s still a very fatty meal!
Fast-food doesn’t have to mean unhealthy food:
By adding some extra’s to a ready to use meal,  you’ll be sitting down to a healthy dinner in no time!
  • Stir-fried frozen vegetables or pre-diced with strips of white meat or vegetarian stock cubes and oriental spices for a quick and tasty dish! It’s quicker than ordering from your Thai take away!
  • Add an onion, mushrooms and courgettes to a jar of tomato sauce. No need to add meat. Voilà - a fast and healthy pasta sauce!
  • Garnish a ready-made pizza base in next to no time with healthy vegetables to create a delicious meal without piling on the pounds!
  • Cook up some kebab meat, add a little salad, toast some pitta bread. Ready in less time than it would have taken to go and buy it, and bursting with flavour!
  • To a bag of mixed salad add some smoked ham and melon or peach slices, a dash of olive oil and vinegar and you’re done.