Appetite Reducer

  • Fills 30-43% of the stomach & promotes a pleasant and long-lasting feeling of fullness
  • Controls appetite and hunger pangs. 94% of people experienced a moderate to strong feeling of fullness.
  • Clinically proven to promote weight loss through a reduced food intake
Who is it for?

XL S Medical Appetite Reducer SPECIALIST is a specialized weight loss product for obese persons who have excessively extended stomach. The product is suitable for persons who feel hungry all the time and put on weight by eating too much.

How to take Appetite Reducer SPECIALIST ?
  • Take 2 capsules, 30 min. before a main meal and/or between meals to avoid snacking
  • Capsules should be taken with a full glass of water
  • Do not exceed 9 capsules per day
How it works

XLS Medical Appetite Reducer SPECIALIST is made with  , a proprietary blend of dietary fibres that can swell 200x its original size, forming a thick gel which fills 30-43% of the stomach, leading to a pleasant feeling of fullness, before leaving the system naturally.

XLS Medical Appetite Reducer SPECIALIST is made with natural active ingredient. It is scientifically proven and has a well established safety profile & tolerability.



Scientifically proven

The unique formulation of XLS Medical Appetite Reducer leads to prolonged blood glucose response after a meal which helps to:

  • Control appetite and curb hunger pangs
  • Provide long-lasting feeling of satiety
  • Reduce food intake & lead to significant weight loss

XLS Medical Appetite Reducer: 2,5 kg mean weight loss within 2 months.

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